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10 Tips for Teaching About the Holocaust
  1. Choose appropriate material for the age level.
  2. Use material appropriate for a wide range of ability levels.
  3. Break the material into various phases or categories.
  4. Be realistic about the amount you can cover in the time you have.
  5. Allow students time to reflect.
  6. Be historically accurate (e.g. WWII was not fought to end the Holocaust.)
  7. Small group activities and large group discussions work well.
  8. Interdisciplinary activities that allow students to explore various ideas, concepts, and topics work well.
  9. Students should not be encouraged to explore Revisionist websites or Revisionist ideas.
  10. Whether or not the Holocaust happened is not debatable.

Material provided by Neil Anderson, teacher at South High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota. More tips are available at the Holocaust Museum website at

Click here for a printable version of this tip sheet.