Helping educators develop sensitive, effective lessons about the Holocaust.
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- 40-pages with full-color illustrations
Cost = $5* (+ shipping)
*Quantity discounts available


NOTE: The book is also available in hardcover for $15 per book plus shipping and handling.

Video - 4 sections include:
1. Dr. Fisch’s experiences during WWII (includes a return to Hungary)
2. The evolution of his work
3. His classroom presentation
4. Student response
Cost = $100 (+ shipping)

Price is the same for VHS or DVD format.

Special Classroom Offer!
40 books, a video and shipping for $200!

Classroom Package*
40 books — $200 value
Video — $100 value
Free Shipping —  $25 value
A $325 value
for $200!
*Risk-free offer for educators: Satisfaction guaranteed or return within 10 days for a full refund!

    We accept checks and purchase orders. We do not accept credit cards.
   For alternative ordering method, please call (612) 376-7322.


The Yellow Star Foundation raises money from individuals and foundations 
to print and distribute the book and video at the 
lowest-possible cost to schools, relying on all-volunteer help.