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Subject: Social Studies

Grade: 9-12

Brief Description

Dr. Fisch was a Hungarian Jew. Students read and learn more about the experience of the Jews of Hungary.


  • Students will learn how geography impacted the experience of Jews in different parts of Europe.
  • Students will identify the experience of Hungarian Jews with the story of Dr. Fisch.

Key words

Hate groups, hate crimes, similarities, perpetrators

Lesson Plan

Using classroom materials, the library, and the Internet, read about the experience of the Jews of Hungary.

  • What was life like for Jews in Hungary before World War II?
  • When was Hungary invaded?
  • When were most Hungarian Jews sent to concentration camps?
  • Where were they sent?
  • How many Hungarian Jews were marched from Budapest to Austria?
  • How many died along the way?
  • How many Hungarians Jews died during the Holocaust?


Present your information and ideas in a written or oral report to the class. Try to answer any questions they may have.

Discussion Questions

  • How is your response to Dr. Fischís story different than your response to a report about Hungarian Jews during World War II?
  • What is the benefit of eyewitness accounts and survivorís stories when doing research?

Click here for a printable version of this lesson plan.