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Subject: Art

Grade: 9-12

Brief Description

Students will look at how Dr. Fisch gives meaning to the death of six million by shifting the perspective to one.


  • Students will recognize the importance of Dr. Fisch’s father to him.
  • Students will realize that each of the six million murdered Jews were just as important to someone.
  • Students will consider the loss of someone important in their own life.

Key words

Perspective, significance, represent

Lesson Plan

Look carefully at the words and painting on page 30 of Light From The Yellow Star.

  • What does the number one mean to Dr. Fisch?
  • Why are the other numbers inside the one?
  • What do the red cracks represent?

Think about someone you have lost or whom you care about very much. Create an image or describe the significance of this person in your life. What do they mean to you? How would (or did) it feel to lose them?


Present your image or description to the class and answer any questions they might have.


Discussion Questions

  • What does Dr. Fisch remember about his father?
  • What does he want us to remember about the deaths of six million Jews?

Click here for a printable version of this lesson plan.