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Subject: English

Grade: 9-12

Brief Description

Students will consider the power of words to preserve a memory.


  • Students will read Dr. Fisch’s tribute to the victims in Light From the Yellow Star.
  • Students will write a memorial for someone they have lost.

Key words

Preserve, tribute, memorial

Lesson Plan

Read page 6 of Light From the Yellow Star. Dr. Fisch says, "These Words Are Their Flowers—"They Were Killed by Hatred; Their Memory Is Kept Alive in Love."

Write about someone you have lost—someone who died, moved away, or is no longer your friend, etc.

  • Describe how you met or your first memory with them.
  • What did the person mean to you?
  • What are your strongest memories of the person?
  • How do you feel about losing them?



Hand your piece in or (if you are comfortable) read it to the class. Listen as others read about those they have lost.

Discussion Questions

  • Can words keep a memory alive?
  • For how long?
  • What if the words are not written down? How do we remember?

Click here for a printable version of this lesson plan.