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Subject: Art

Grade: 9-12

Brief Description

Students will use words or pictures to memorialize someone they have lost.


  • Students will study how the words and illustration on page 6 of Light from the Yellow Star honor the memory of the people who died.
  • Students will express their feelings for someone they have lost through words, a picture, or both.

Key words

Metaphor, memorial, collage, imagery

Lesson Plan

Look carefully at the words and painting on page 6 of Light From the Yellow Star. Now think about how people in your family remember friends or relatives who have died. Draw, describe, or create a collage in memory of someone you have lost.


Present your completed work to the class and answer any questions they may have.

Discussion Questions

  • On page 6, Dr. Fisch says "These Words Are Their Flowers." What do you think he means?
  • How does art make it easier to express loss?
  • Is it surprising to find flowers in a book about the Holocaust? Why or why not?

Click here for a printable version of this lesson plan.