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Subject: Art

Grade: 9-12

Brief Description

Students will consider whether additional information makes a difference in their own art or their response to art.


Students will gather more information about the World War 11 years.

Students will use that information to create their own response.

Key words

Informed, response, internment, reaction

Lesson Plan

To get more information about events that happened during the war, do one of the following:

  • Talk to your parents and grandparents about what they remember about the years during the war. What did they know about the concentration camps?
  • Read about internment camps in the United States during the war. Who was interned? Where were the camps located?

Now create an image or describe your reaction to one of these words: imprisonment, forced, extermination.


Present your image or description to the class and answer any questions they may have.

Discussion Questions

  • Would your image have been different before you talked to your family or did research?
  • How does finding out more about something change the way we think about it?

Click here for a printable version of this lesson plan.