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Subject: Social Studies

Grade: 9-12

Brief Description

Students will consider the nature and history of genocide.


  • Students will research an incidence of genocide.
  • Students will consider both the intent and actions that lead to genocide.

Key words

Genocide, extermination, systematic, massacre, indiscriminate

Lesson Plan

Using classroom material, a library, or the Internet, research and collect information on genocide in one of these places:

  • Armenia
  • The Balkans
  • Bosnia
  • Rwanda
  • The Ukraine
  • Zimbabwe

What events led up to the acts of genocide? How many people died? How were they killed? Who was responsible? How do we know the perpetratorsí intent was extermination? How did the world respond? What has happened in the area since then?



Present your information and ideas in a written or oral report to the class. Try to answer any questions they may have.

Discussion Questions

  • Genocide is systematic extermination and massacre is indiscriminate killing. Can there be massacres during genocide?
  • Do you think Native Americans were victims of genocide? Why or why not?

Click here for a printable version of this lesson plan.