Helping educators develop sensitive, effective lessons about the Holocaust.
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The Yellow Star Foundation is a 501-3c, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping educate young people about the Holocaust using Dr. Robert Fisch's book, Light From the Yellow Star - A Lesson of Love from the Holocaust.

Light From the Yellow Star - A Lesson of Love from the Holocaust was written by Dr. Robert Fisch, a Holocaust survivor. A native of Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Fisch is an eminent pediatrician and artist. A hard cover edition was originally published in 1994 for the exhibition of Dr. Fisch’s paintings and accompanying text at the Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota.

Recognizing that there are already many important Holocaust education projects, the Foundation attempts to stay focused primarily on the distribution of Dr. Fisch's book to interested public and parochial schools. While people of all ages seem to be deeply touched by Dr. Fisch’s message, the Foundation's primary aim is to reach students of junior high and high school age.

Because of the enthusiastic reception to Dr. Fish's many personal classroom presentations, the Foundation recently completed a video that brings the experience of a visit from Dr. Fisch into every classroom. The video has four sections (each around 10 minutes) and includes Dr. Fisch’s background, his experiences during World War II, his return to Hungary, his work as both a doctor and an artist, his classroom presentations and student response.

The Foundation raises money from individuals and foundations to print and distribute the book and video to schools, relying on all-volunteer help.